The rooms in our homes aren’t always quite what we want. Sometimes we’d like the illusion of a longer room or a larger room. Great news! You can change the look of your room with decorative wall mirrors.

Pictures and mirrors help create the room’s ambience. When you place your wall hangings strategically your room can take on an entirely new look. Your wall décor plays an important role in your home décor:

1. Mirrors, pictures, and other wall hangings give your room the feeling of being lived in. They add a personal touch.

2. Connect your room using color in frames.

3. Wall hangings help absorb sound creating a form of sound proofing.

4. Change the room’s ambiance using pictures and mirrors.

1. Make Your Room Longer

Your home may have small rooms but it is very easy to give the illusion of length by either painting horizontal lines in a really bold color or by using wall art.

If you strategically place your wall art – photos, paintings, mirrors – you create the illusion of a longer room. Choose horizontal lines. Pictures such as mountain or ocean scenes or other types of landscapes will give good illusion. So will square mirrors or mirror that have a bold horizontal frame. Keep the amount of furniture minimal and don’t overcrowd the room.

2. Make Your Room Wider

Sometimes rooms are just a little too narrow for our liking but this can easily be fixed. Well at least the illusion can. Some paint, a huge painting, and a bright bold decorative wall mirror and the problem will be solved.

The paint you pick should be dark and it should be a contrasting color. While it should be dark it should also be colorful and cheery. Now take that fabulous painting you purchased and hang it right square in the middle of the room. On the wall that is adjacent to the picture take your decorative wall mirror and hang it.

The mirror is going to reflect the painting and the dark color of the wall which will provide your room with depth. It’s a quick and easy way to make your room feel wider and create balance.

3. Make Your Ceiling Higher

Low ceilings can make you feel confined but a room that has high ceilings will feel larger and more open. There are a couple of decorating techniques you can use to make low ceilings feel higher.

Start by putting down dark carpeting or wood floors then apply a light colored paint to the walls, finished with a bright white ceiling.

Now all you need to do is use wall hangings with vertical lines to give the illusion of height. A tall narrow mirror works great! Especially one that has a decorative frame or some hand painting on the mirror.

Your room should be about you and your personality. No rooms perfect but it can be by the time you are done and decorative wall mirrors are the perfect way to change the look of your room!


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