Have you seen the latest trend to buy and wear Vintage Jewellery? Its all over the fashion papers.  Celebrities are paying big money to obtain a genuine piece and it  seems that everyone is emptying out their grandmothers jewelery box or raiding their local thrift store to find a piece. Would you like to own some genuine vintage jewelery and don’t know what to buy? As with most things not all vintage jewelery is born equal – some pieces are better than others. Here are the top ten pieces to look out for.  These are easier to wear, more likely to increase in value, be appreciated as a gift or form the basis of a collection. Before I start I best explain the spelling – I’m English and so its Jewellery for me and Jewelry in the USA. So here is my guide to ten of the best pieces of vintage jewelery for you to treasure hunt (in no particular order).

1. Victorian Silver Brooches

Victorian Silver Brooches come in a wonderful range of shapes and sizes. What is special about these is that they are genuine antique pieces of jewelry and they need not cost a fortune. You can buy a whole range of Victorian sentimental silver brooches from $30 upwards. Buy one a month and you will have a whole collection at the end of the year. It is likely that the value will increase over time as more people realize what a bargain Victorian silver brooches currently are.

2. Art deco glass Necklaces

Genuine vintage art deco jewelry is hard to come by but id you are lucky you might just find a glass necklace at a reasonable price. Most genuine art deco glass necklaces would have the beads held together with a metal chain. Many of these were made in Murano Italy – Look out for wedding cake beads with their fancy trailed glass patterns.

3. Cocktail Rings

Cocktail Rings are big and bold. They can be made of costume Jewelry materials or silver or gold set with precious or semi precious stones. A big vintage cocktail ring in gold is going to cost you far less than a new ring would today and have far more impact. You certainly wont catch someone else wearing the same ring. Just compare the costs with those you see on the TV shopping channels.

4. Clip on earrings

If you can wear clip on earrings these are most definitely a great bargain at the moment. Better than vintage earrings for pierced ears as they are a little more hygienic

5. Vintage Cuff Links

Who says that Vintage Jewelry has to be for women only? Why not buy the man in your life a pair of vintage cuff links to wear to your next ball or black tie do? I think about the colors – silver would go well with a black suit.

6. Figural Brooches from the 20th century

These are my favorite for gift giving. A vintage brooch in the form of a bunch of flowers or an animal would be great for Mum or Granny on any special occasion or just to say Thank you. She will get special pleasure from wearing it when you go to visit her.

7. Belt Buckles

Most vintage belt buckles can be attached easily to a ribbon or elastic and be worn today. Try them with you jeans for a real vintage statement. Vintage buckles can be found in all shapes and sizes and dating from the Georgian era right through to the 1970s.

8. Silver Charm Bracelets

This is a gift that can keep growing and develop a special sentimental attachment. Buy yourself or a young girl a bracelet with just one charm and add to it with each Birthday, Christmas and Easter. A horse when she has ringing lessons, a church when she gets married and a vintage car when she passes her driving test.

9. Stick pins

The stick pin is an antique type of tie or lapel pin. They have a decorative finial which is usually quite small and a long pin to keep them in place. This gives just a glint of color or sparkle to a jacket lapel or a tie . Stick pins can be worn by both men and women

10. 1970s silver bangles

Remember these from the 1970s? I certainly do. We wore several of them at one and they went well with the long gypsy boho skirts that were so fashionable at the time. Now you can pick a genuine vintage 1970s silver bangle from around $40. This will be worn time and time again.

I hope this has inspired you.


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