Glass is one of nature’s most versatile gifts to interior design. Colorful or clear, round or in shapes of unimaginable diversity, glass is one of our best home decorating materials when it comes to our kitchens, baths and furniture. Glass remains a classic option that has evolved to fulfill the demands of the ultra-modern amongst us.

From antique Victorian to ultra-modern, glass knobs and pulls have become very popular in recent years. Glass cabinet hardware can be found for the budget conscious (particularly with the use of faux glass) or for the designer seeking a high-end look where multiple colors, shapes and designs can create a hip, up to date aesthetic. The flexibility of glass has granted us geometric shapes for knobs and pulls that are almost as extensive as the subject of geometry itself. Artisans love to work with glass as it unleashes the imagination and can become ‘high art’, in addition to lending humor and verve to casual spaces like children’s bedrooms and baths.

The more contemporary glass cabinet hardware on the market will also offer a diverse range of corresponding finishes for the metal base posts that fasten the glass shapes to your cabinet and drawer fronts. Dozens of finishes such as oil rubbed bronze, polished chrome, aluminum, and satin nickel are available to help you coordinate the glass with the other kitchen and bath accents in your home.

Enjoy exploring your glass options for your kitchen and bath cabinet hardware. This is a cabinet hardware material that spans all budgets and aesthetics.


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